Only those who set goals are able to achieve them... Our guiding principles make our company

Committed to responsibility: In all our actions we strive for a high proficiency level and responsible business behaviour.

Committed to effort: As a partner of companies in various market segments we are always anxious to create value for our customers and to ensure sustainable, long-lasting co-operation.

Committed to community: We strive to accomplish high ethical, social and environmental responsibility in all our business activities and in our social surroundings. Therefore, we offer e.g. apprenticeship training positions for different occupations since 1995.

Committed to environment: As a plastics processing company, we pay particular attention to the responsible use of resources. We work with efficient heat recovery and recycle nearly all plastics materials.

Committed to innovation: For our company and our customers, innovation is the key to success. Therefore we consider change as a positive chance and welcome new ideas and creative solutions.

Committed to continuous improvement: Cessation is a backlog. We improve on a daily basis and grow with every new challenge.